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June 2009



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Jun. 14th, 2009

Rant again, I guess

Well...how long it has been since the last time I updated this? A week? A month? A year? Doesn't really matter, eh? Maybe I really am not suited to write journals after all...

So many things happened in the mean time, by the way. First of all, I'm completely thin-pocketed aka 'bokek' (in case any Indonesian wandering), thanks to buying a load of anime DVDs in one time (let's see...half of Gundam 00 second season, Code Geass, Kuroshitsuji, Saiyuki Burial, and Saiyuki Requiem...yep I guess that's all. Oh and Kyo Kara Maou 3rd season plus Code GEass OVAs. Eeeek!) ......and here I was wondering where did all my money go.... I SWEAR I HAVE A WORSE MONEY MANAGEMENT THAN CROSS MARIAN!!!!

Ahem, enough reminiscing. Next...oh yeah, by some miracles and a few 'santet' (JOKE! For those who don't know what 'santet' is, it's a kind of 'black magic' originated from my country, Indonesia. It's very useful to make people fall madly in love with you, or to make people give up their money for you, or to cause people extremely unfortunate things...wait, what am I doing advertising santet?!) anyway, by some miracles and restless nights waiting in front of my post box, I've finally gotten the letter admitting me to enroll in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Kyushu, Japan, with 100% scholarship! Meaning I need not worry about my school fee for 4 years! (dies happily) I was actually crying when I read the letter...because APU has been my dream ever since I was in grade ten and I've vowed not to enter other universities than APU (meaning if somehow I fail to enroll in APU I'll be an addition to my country's unemployment rate for sure) And now the months of novena prayers have been answered! I couldn't sleep for two whole nights and decided to rewatch D.Gray-Man to kill those sleepless nights.

Next...oh yeah, 100% graduation for Loyola College! I'm so happy...since last year we didn't get 100% graduation due to one person failed at UAS (School's Final Examination) I couldn't get the perfect score I aimed for English, but still relatively satisfied. I think I might be able to swipe the second place this time, as usual under Sari. (since English is the only subject I'm better against her anyway) And sooooooo....waiting for the 'wisuda', of course! I wish Dad would be able to come... He hadn't given much attention to me ever since I decided to take social courses against his will but if I managed to make him proud of me by getting a scholarship to Japan and winning a second place in social grade...perhaps he will once again acknowledge me...

ANYWAY!! This is getting awfully long, and I doubt people would be reading my daily rant anyway. So I'll be going to write the final chapter of my Saiyuki fic Never Let Go (I'm seriously going to let it go now!!), my first D.Gray-Man fic, and my grand project, writing a story with the whole social students in Loyola College! The title's the Tale of SOS, consisting of 52 characters including me, whose insanity are guaranteed! ^^ Go and find it in my Facebook notes. It's in Indonesian though, for my friends are, sadly but true, are mostly having problems understand English.

SAAAAAA!! Time to end this rant, gotta save my breath for some other occassion.



Dec. 17th, 2008


Btw, I just wrote my first Indonesian fic. It's a Saiyuki fic, written from Homura's POV concerning the events of GS ep 39. Not expecting much from it though, remembering my Indonesian is a complete mess (I start to doubt my nationality T.T) It turned out kinda well, so I decided to translate it into English. Now I have a bilingual fic!! -dances-

Ahem, anyway, please tell me what do you think about them! -bows-

This is the Indonesian one: www.fanfiction.net/s/4717836/1/Mengerti

And this is the English one: www.fanfiction.net/s/4717852/1/Understand

Happy insanity!! -insane laugh-


It's been a real looooooooooooooong time since the last time I updated my journal...

Just don't really know how to start things off..

Anyway, lots of things happened. I've finally able to get Reload 7 manga when I visited Sydney! I found it in Kinokuniya, and it's the very last one! Though it's Japanese and I have to squint over the furigana, I can still enjoy the epic fight between Youkai Hakkai and Seiten Taisei! Totally KAKKOI!!!! To those who replied in my previous entry when I was still looking for it, still, I really appreciate it ^^

By the way, just found out that what my cousin said is true. GRADE TWELVE SUCKS. I only had less than five hours sleep every night. Either study, or taking care of whatever never-ending business. And not to mention, by scores fall. Drastically. Last mid I failed two subjects, Indonesian and history. If this continues, my dream to get scholarship to Japan would be nothing but a dream. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! -sighs-

Apr. 24th, 2008


Hi... This is my first post at LJ, just registered 5 minutes ago ;p
Uh well... LJ is not very known here in my country (Indonesia), so please bear me if I'm a total newbie -_-

Now to the question...

"Anyone know where to find Saiyuki Reload scans??"

The books, seemingly, are not published in my country (shakes fist to random crowd) Dammit for not letting such masterpiece!!

This question has been crossposted a lot...
Anyway... this helpless soul is begging... any answers will be appreciated...

I thank you...